We all dislike clutter, but keeping tidy can be quite the chore if things get out of control. Here are some Tidy Tips to help stay organized in your new custom home:

A Place for Everything: When planning the design of your home, it’s the perfect time to consider your storage needs. Love Holiday Decorations? Have an impressive collection you’d like to show off? Our Team will help come up with a storage solution that suits your needs.

Start By Making the Bed: As the old saying goes, “If you want to change the world, start by making your bed.” Once you are in your new home, this simple practice is a great way to establish tidy habits.

Bring It Out, Put It Back: Like we discussed before, you should plan to have a dedicated location for every item you own in your new custom home. If you do, it will be easier to return things to their rightful place. A good rule is to put everything you bring out back where it belongs. Clutter doesn’t happen overnight, so keeping this in mind every day helps to avoid a mess.

Go Paperless: These days, we live in a digital world. So many documents we used to keep track of physically are now delivered and stored in the virtual realm. With that in mind, it’s a good time to downsize your paper collection. We realize you must keep some important documents, so be sure to utilize a safe or cabinet to help you stay organized.  Make sure it’s fireproof, too!

When In Doubt, Donate It: If you no longer love it or need it, but there’s still life left in the item in question…toss it in the donation bin! Keeping space for donations helps you gather things like outdated clothes, holiday decorations you no longer use, or old electronics.  Once the bin is full, you know it’s time to take it to your favorite local charity for donation.

Call for Backup: Don’t be afraid to call in the reinforcements when you need a hand. Most cleaning companies are flexible with how frequently they visit, so think about a program that works for your needs. Think of all the things you can do while they tackle the job for you!

The task of staying tidy is a never-ending game, and there are many more ways to stay organized than what we listed here. Hopefully we helped you think of a few new ways to stay tidy in your new custom home!