The front of the home sets the tone for the rest of the spaces inside. Thinking about whether to have exterior stairs on the front as a statement or keeping the house softer by bringing the stairs inside are the first thing to consider when beginning the design. On home sites that have less depth it is key to remember that setbacks start with any vertical structure (stairs, columns, etc.), not just the exterior walls. Having the right entry door that is proportional to the home and has the right character gives each home a unique look and feel.

Today people are relaxing in their bedrooms as well as their family rooms. In both of these spaces, the view to the outside is important. Bringing the outside into these spaces through large windows and sliders make these rooms’ places you can rest while also enjoying the beautiful scenery around.

The master bedroom is the most personal place in your whole home, and an area that should be a reflection of you. Everyone uses this space differently, some people like custom designed “built-in beds,” with integrated wall features that make the bed feel like a part of the room. Also having a “sitting room” that is designed similar to a mini family room has become a popular design feature.

The family room is a place that needs to feel warm and comfortable. This can even be done in a modern style. The use of accent walls along with some nice art really give the space the feeling of livability while also not making the room boring.

The pool and outdoor areas surrounding it have become just as important as the inside of the home. A lot of people want to essentially live in this space, so have the right amount of covered space and a functional lay has become extremely important. Planning the orientation of these entertainment spaces to maximize the views and usable space is also a key part to the design. Figuring out where the pool is going to go with relation to the home and seawall needs to be done up front so everything can be tied together so this space does not feel like an afterthought.

Every client uses the kitchen differently. Some want the gourmet kitchen with all the bells and whistles. The kitchen has become the epicenter of the home, no longer just for cooking, it is part of the living space, a place to entertain and serve around, and a place to sit down with a lap top or I pad and do some work. Understanding how you will use your kitchen is perhaps one of the most important topics we discuss when designing your new home.

While not every home has a formal dining room, you still need a place to sit down to eat and celebrate the occasional holiday. Lighting in the dining area is key, and having the ability to change or adjust the lighting based time of day or how you are using that space are things to consider when designing to work for you.

No longer just a place to wash off the grit, bathrooms have become a place unwind and relax. We spend time planning and designing this space so every feature and component comes together to form a truly effective and practical space.