With initiatives to “Go Green” stronger than ever, there has never been a better time to consider your home’s energy efficiency! Being mindful of your energy consumption has many benefits.  Not only can you feel good about improving your environmental impact, but you can also save money too! 

We gathered a few Energy Saving Tips to keep in mind when dreaming up your custom home:
Solar Panels: Here in the Sunshine State, we have plenty of sun to go around! Placing solar panels on your home can have a great impact on your cost of heating and cooling your home.   

Insulation: Using the proper insulation can make or break the energy efficiency of a home. A home that is under-insulated will require the cooling system to work a lot harder to keep the temperature consistent.  Utilize a material with a high R-rating for the most efficient insulation to reduce energy loss and save on your home cooling costs! 

Choose ENERGY STAR Appliances: The Environmental Protection Agency created the ENERGY STAR rating system in 1992.  Each product must be certified regarding quality, savings, and performance before it earns the ENERGY STAR label.  Choosing ENERGY STAR Appliances assures your larger appliances will not drain your home’s system and inflate your energy bills. 

Energy-Efficient Windows: Not only does the ENERGY STAR rating system apply to appliances, it is also used to rate the energy-efficiency windows! Using ENERGY STAR-rated windows will help keep your bills low with additional insulation, limiting heat transfer into your home.  

On-Demand Water Heater: A traditional water heater can cost up to $350 a year to operate, while an on-demand water heater will cost closer to $220 a year. Over time, that difference will add up! An On-Demand Water Heater only heats the water when you need it, eliminating the need to pre-heat and store water at a higher temperature. 

Metal Roofing: Roofs in Florida tend to take quite a beating from the sun.  Metal Roofs reflect heat away from the home, making them a great option to increase your home’s energy efficiency. It has been reported that metal roofs can reflect as much as 83% of the sun’s energy! 

Natural Light: Whenever possible, rely on Natural Light! If your space does not have very many windows, you can utilize mirrors to help reflect the light throughout the area. 

Curious to learn more about the Energy-Efficient options we offer with our custom homes? Let’s talk about your vision!