Have you ever seen a home with a light blue porch ceiling? Well, it might not just be for design aesthetic or curb appeal…

It’s believed that certain insects and birds will avoid nesting near a light blue ceiling. Why? They think the ceiling is the sky! Really, though, the paint was historically mixed with lye, a natural insecticide. A lye-based paint would have made for an uninviting space for pests!

Along with the benefit of insect/pest repellant, light blue gives the impression of extended daylight.

“Haint Blue” is a popular shade in southern states like Georgia or South Carolina, originally believed to ward off ghosts or evil spirits. Many use it to this day to uphold the tradition.

While there may be benefits to using a blue paint on a porch ceiling, the choice may be more aesthetic than anything.

When designing your custom home, consider a blue ceiling to give your home a southern charm!